Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Right Tires make the ride.

  Hey all you casual cyclists beating around on those knobbly MTB tires.  Stop!

 How often do you hit the trail? Ever? If you generally ride on the street there is no reason to be on those chunky bumpy tires. I have no idea why so many bikes are sold ready for the trail when so few people actually ever go off road. For $10 plus cost of tires around $25-50 a pair you will find that your ride will be significantly more enjoyable.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Get those Bikes Ready

This Spring, all Basic Bike repairs are $10 (plus parts if needed)

Flats Patched $10 (If it cannot be patched new inner tube extra)

Brakes adjusted $10

Drive line Tune Up $10

Install a new part $10

As Always you can have that crusty BSO (Bicycle Shaped Object) converted into a usable simplified single speed for $30 plus parts.

shoot me an email, TXT or give me a ring @ 765-993-7895 and we can set something up.